Engineering, Projects & Support

Our partnerships with global firms are pivotal to our success. SPS is proud to have achieved tremendous success in EPIC projects. In EPIC projects, our role involves subcontracting installation and providing technical assistance in terms of commissioning. Buoyed by our capabilities and a rich track record of multiple accomplishments to handle small to medium size EPIC projects of up to US $30M.



Our Project Management Division has evolved in its familiarity and expertise over its presence spanning over 10 years in the Qatari market. As local vendors of international principals, we are able to apply our knowledge to providing our clients with the most suitable products, services and support for their businesses.


proj_bannerEngineering, Projects & Support

As a project Management team, we work separately to obtain the project and subsequently provide 360 degree management. Our 360 degree support as a Project Management division includes assuming ownership and responsibility for every aspect of the project, building and nurturing the project at every step. We prioritize building healthy and enduring relationships with our principals and clients and are committed to ensuring maintenance of projects even after completion, especially at their commissioning and testing stages.

In addition, we are also capable of providing our clients with products and services from our other areas of expertise such as fire, safety & security, chemical products, mechanical and electrical & instrumentation services. We can work flexibly while considering our clients' limitations too.



  • Qatar Civil Defense Grade 1 for Alarm Systems
  • Qatar Civil Defense Grade 4 for Fire Extinguishing Systems