Chemicals and Environment

As Doha’s leading chemical supplier, we deal with chemical management contracts as well as the supply of oilfield, refinery and petrochemical performance chemicals in association with our globally renowned principals.

Salam Petroleum Services has been involved in contracts to supply a wide range of chemicals since the start of its operations in 1985. The Chemical & Environment department at SPS undertakes total chemical management contracts as well as the supply of oilfield, refinery and petrochemical performance chemicals in association with its globally renowned principals.

Since we have established ourselves as a leading chemical supplier in Qatar. We develop and deliver custom-made chemical products to our clients as well as technical support before and after the sales process. The chemicals we offer are being used in oil & gas and petrochemical industries.

Many of the chemicals we produce, customize and supply require critical care with high maintenance. In order to ensure provision of consistent and high quality services, this department also offers after-sales support with repeated quality control checks. In recognition of our excellence in serving multiple markets we have been awarded a wide range of contracts for the supply of commodity and lab chemicals. Our capability to supply these chemicals is complying all customer requirements such as Packing, Delivery & Service support which has given us a reputation in this field.

Adding to our scope of chemical supply we are providing environmental Equipment as well as first class support services from maintenance to training, of environmental response with IMO and tailor-made courses to meet individual customer requirements wherever needed.

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SPS’s Quality Control Laboratory

chemLab Chemicals and Environment

We own and operate a well-equipped laboratory with various analyses instruments which our quality control chemist utilizes to perform ‘wet chemical’ & ‘instrumental’ analyses of which both are used for the quality control of received chemicals and also to insure our client’s (e.g. QP, RG, QG) exact specifications. Our Lab’s capabilities include auto-titrations, pH & conductivity measurement, color, viscometry, FTIR, and UV/Vis spectrophotometry.

Having our own local blending plant and warehouse that supports long-term agreements helps us to save time as well as associated costs.

Our professional chemical engineers and qualified staff together produce the highest quality products with best service to suit each client’s specifications within this plant

Commodity Chemicals

Since our inception, we have been awarded multiple contracts for the supply of commodity chemicals, and in multiple packings (whether in bulk, tote tanks or drums) to the majority of Qatari companies involved in the oil & gas, and petrochemicals industries including QP, Qatargas, RasGas, Oxy, Oryx GTL, Maersk, Qatar Shell, Halliburton and Dolphin Energy.

Lab Equipment

We offer the following lines:

  • HACH Devices & Instruments
  • SFSI Lab Glassware

Timely Customer Service

SPS works to build lasting relationship with each of our clients. Hence, we provide world-class support services from maintenance to training as well as logistics, even during emergency or shutdown situations. In addition, we also offer our clients a variety of suitable terms of payment and delivery.

Compliance with safety regulations in Qatar

Salam Petroleum`s Warehouse approved by Qatar government sectors as well as our own trucks & vehicles maneuvered by well-trained and certified drivers complying with Qatar Petroleum’s Safety & Environment Department’s regulations.

Strong logistics capabilities

We are also responsible for packaging, repacking and delivery of chemical product to our clients. Our Operations team well trained & certified for such operations.

Compliance with safety regulations in Qatar

Our chemical research team at our laboratories always passes the products we send out through a quality assurance and quality control test before we send them out to the end-user. We have three checkpoints of quality control: at our plant, before delivery, we verify if the dispatch meets the end-user’s requirement and at the destination of delivery.