Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I)

SPS offers a complete range of instrumentation and control equipment to cover any type of plant operation - from field devices to plant Distribution Control Systems (DCS); from supervision and management information systems to full after-sales support around the clock.



Whether these include providing solutions for new projects or day-to-day problems, our goal is to provide consistent support to our clients based on sound engineering principles. Our association with some of the world's leading manufacturers of electrical and instrumentation products and our in-house team of professionals hep us to ensure that our clients are served with quality products and services in a consistent and timely manner. Through a systematic provision of services, products and support to our clients, our company has established a successful track record for ourselves. You can remain assured that quality is something we do not compromise upon and the certifications are testament to this.

Salam Petroleum exclusively represented Honeywell in Qatar for the past 30 years until they established their office in the country in the year 2011. Some of the projects executed within the oil & gas industries are New Control building at Halul, EPIC of new wells at Arab-D, Halul Power station Phase II, Implementation of Advance Process Control System for Qatargas, Plant Operation Information System, Training Simulator for Arab-D, Shell GTL project.


Program Logic Controller (PLC)

We provide products and services for nearly 60% of Qatar’s market in this area, especially with a key brand such as Allen Bradley’s Rockwell Automation. We have been exclusive distributors of Rockwell Automation products and services in Qatar for 30 years.

Industrial UPS system solutions and industrial switchgears specialized for the oil & gas industry



While understanding the importance of reliable industrial automation, SPS has multiple alliances with a number of highly reputable international companies specializing in this field. Today, SPS capitalizes on particular strengths in DCS, PLC, MMI, safety systems and tank gauging.

  • SCADA Control Systems
  • Data Control Systems (DCS)
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC),
  • Software Management System,
  • Total Plant Safety by Fail Safe Control (F&G, ESD)