Workwear Coverall ​

Workwear Coverall ​

Workwear Coverall ​ – Flame Retardant Gear​ – ARTICLE NO: GBCN6601​

Inherently flame resistant fibershave flame resistance built into their chemical structures. Aramid fibers are inherently flame resistant fibers. For inherently flame resistant fibers, the protection is built into the fibre itself and can never be worn away or washed out. In the case of Nomex®, when exposed to flame, the aramid fibre swells and becomes thicker, forming a protective barrier between the heat source and the skin.


– Dupont Nomex IIIA Fabric (93% 1.7dtex Nomex meta -aramid,5% KevlarPara-aramid,2% P140 Anti-static fibres)
– Grade : 4.5oz
– Weight: 150 gsm/4.5oz (+/-2%)​

EN ISO 13688:2013.​
EN IS0 11612:2015. A1, A2 & C1

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Workwear Coverall ​

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