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uvex u-fit gloves fit snugly and are the perfect choice for precision work​ which also requires mechanical strength.


  • good secure grip
  • outstanding fit
  • excellent mechanical characteristics
  • silicon-free according to imprint test
  • reliable splash protection for applications using chemicals such as acids, alkalis, solids or aqueous saline solutions


  • precision assembly work
  • inspection
  • brief handling of chemicals
  • paint shop (as splash protection)
  • food processing
  • gentle cleaning
  • product protection

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Additional Information

Article number u-fit
EN 455, 374
Sizes S, M, L, XL
Length approx. 24 cm
Construction roughened surface of fingertips, five-finger gloves
Base glove no lining
Coating NBR (nitrile rubber)
Thickness 0,10 mm
Colour blue
Resistance high resistance to oil and grease
Model 60596