Draeger Refuge and Rescue Chambers 01 ST 13279 2007 Refuge Chamber for Tunneling

Refuge Chamber for Tunneling

As with any underground environment, personnel require a place they can go to during an emergency scenario where respiratory or physical protection is provided e.g. in the event of a release of toxic gas/smoke, the exit route(s) is blocked.

Tunneling, as an underground environment, certainly meets this criteria and the Dräger solutions include both portable Refuge Chambers and those which are fitted ‘on-board’ Tunnel Boring Machines [TBM’s].

In either example, the Dräger Refuge Chambers are equipped with breathing gas systems to protect people against smoke or gas until rescue teams can advance to bring them out safely. The construction of the Refuge Chamber is also adapted to provide physical protection.

By way of serving this market Dräger has the opportunity to utilize the Dräger-Simsa Refuge Chamber portfolio with a standard range to choose from.

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