PyrolonTM Plus 2​

Flame retardant Type 5 & 6 breathable coverall​

  • Pyrolon garments meet the requirements of EN 14116 (Index 1) for garment for protection against flames and heat.
  • Fabric will not ignite, chars at low temperature and unlike standard disposables does not continue burning after the ignition source is withdrawn.
  • Can safely be used over thermal protective garments without compromising thermal protection.
  • Note that PyrolonTM Plus 2 fabric will not ignite but is designed to wear OVER thermal protective garments and will not provide heat rotection if worn alone.
  • Intrinsic anti-static properties with very low surface resistance; anti-static does not wear off in use like standard disposables.
  • Lakeland “Super-B” ergonomic styling – unique combination of three design elements to optimise fit, durability and freedom of movement.
  • Three piece hood for rounder head shape and greater comfort.
  • Inset sleeves – torso shaped to body to mazimise freedom of movement and negate the need for thumbloops.
  • Two piece crotch gusset – enhances freedom of movement and reduced crotch splitting.

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