High Speed Lubricated Screw Compressors 160 – 250 kW

Fixed & Regulated Speed L160 to L250

By listening to our customer’s needs and wishes, and incorporating the latest technology and design concepts, CompAir has delivered an impressive range of compressors featuring higher free air delivery, new compact footprint, lower noise levels, new split radial cooling fan design, new controller, and many more features besides.

New CompAir FourCore range balances two-stage efficiency with single-stage footprint

CompAir has announced the launch of its new 160, 200 and 250 kW FourCore compressor range, combining best-in-class compressed air efficiency with a small footprint and sustainable design for eco-conscious businesses.

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High Speed Lubricated Screw Compressors 160 – 250 kW

The FourCore range offers all the capabilities of a two-stage compressor, but with only the footprint of a single-stage unit. It therefore provides businesses – who might not have previously had the on-site space available – the opportunity to take advantage of the capabilities of two-stage technology. And when compared with previous single-stage compressors in this size range from CompAir, the new models are up to 8 per cent more efficient, offering a best-in-class oil-lubricated solution for decision makers.

Our application engineering team, based at the Simmern Centre of Excellence production site in Germany has designed and engineered a brand new, patented technology that offers best-in-class energy efficiency. They have developed a premium efficiency 2-stage model for fixed and regulated speed compressors using the new technology of the compact double stage airend. What’s unique about this design is that the airend has 1 motor and 4 rotors located in a single, semi-integrated casting. This differs from traditional 2-stage compressors, providing a compact package with high energy savings. In fact, these machines are the same size as a 1 stage machine due to new airend technology.