disposable earplugs uvex x-fit​

Product characteristics​

  • Ergonomically shaped, detectabel disposable earplug
  • Bright blue colour makes it easier to see in production areas
  • x-grip for easy insertion and removal
  • Best suited for use in very loud environments
  • Sealed surface, preventing foreign bodies from penetrating
  • Excellent voice recognition
  • Soft foam offers real comfort, even when worn for extended periods


  • earplugs: PU-foam
  • Cord: PVC

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Additional Information

Version/ Colour:​

Article-No.​ Colour/Version​ - Retail Unit
2112.001​ lime, without cord​ - 200 pairs, bagged in pairs​
2112.015​ lime, without cord​ - 60 pairs, 12x5 pairs in polybag​
2112.022​ lime, without cord, refill box​ - 300 pairs loose in refill box
2112.010​ lime, with cord​ - 100 pairs, bagged in pairs​