Fire Safety & Security (FSS)


Kratos Safety  is the only manufacturer of fall arrest PPE with fully vertically integrated factory.


SPS represents Lakeland Industries in Qatar. Lakeland is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of industrial clothing for protection against flames and heat. Lakeland’s ranges cover disposable garments for protection against hazardous chemicals including fully gas-tight chemical suits, re-usable garments for protection against flames and heat, unique disposable FR garments, aluminized garments for heat protection and fire fighters turnout gear for both European and US markets. All products are certified to the latest standards including CE, ASTM, NFPA and ISO where applicable. In all its product ranges Lakeland aims to offer a wider choice of materials, designs and options. A wider choice means users can better target the protection at the application, resulting in better protection and often with greater comfort and lower cost.


SPIRALE specializes in the use of thermoplastics, thermoplastic rubber, nitrile rubber and PVC for the production of injection moulded professional safety footwear as well as casual footwear (rain and after-ski boots). SPS represents SPIRALE in Qatar. The company manufactures a unique range of safety footwear products for industrial use based on exclusive patents and special materials that are much appreciated on Italian and international markets. SPIRALE Boots are strictly produced in accordance to the European Footwear Standards and have the following certifications; EN ISO 20345:2011, EN ISO 20347:2012 and EN 347. The combined use of cutting-edge technology and stylish, fashionable designs and colours, along with constant attention to product development with regard to ecological and environmental concerns has always proved a winning strategy for SPIRALE.


SPS represents Uvex in Qatar. The Uvex Group is a German manufacturer of safety equipment, and is recognized as the international leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative safety eyewear products. With over 75 year experience in production and sales of industrial, head to toes safety items, Uvex stands as major world manufacturer of protective eyewear, protective prescription eyewear, VDU eyewear, protective helmets, visors, hearing protection, industrial clothing, protective gloves and safety shoes. Besides Eye Protection products, other safety products include: Head and Hearing Protection, Safety Gloves, Respiratory Protection, Protective Clothing, Disposable Coveralls, Safety Footwear.