Fire Safety & Security (FSS)


Through SPS’ partnership with Flowtronix we offer industry leading workwear solutions guaranteeing a perfect fit for a wide variety of industrial protective applications. FT-FR Protection range offers everything from Inherently Heat & Flame Retardant Aramids, Flame Resistant Treated Cotton, Electrical Arc, Molten Metal and Fire Fighting Protection workwears. FT-FR Offers workwear designed to cater to your industrial needs, we offer industry’s widest range of garments including Coveralls, Shirts, Pants, Jackets, Coats & accessories in numerous patterns, colors & trims. FT-FR Protective apparel sets the standard for flame resistance, thermal protection, comfort and durability.


HexArmor® is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance personal protective equipment (PPE) which technologies have broken new ground in cut, puncture, needle, impact and abrasion resistance. HexArmor® products deliver the highest possible levels of protection, without sacrificing comfort and dexterity.


SPS offers state-of-the-art robust siren warning systems for civil protection from HÖRMANN. These systems are modular, have a wide range of products, offer optimum effectiveness and are suitable for different applications. HÖRMANN siren warning systems are often used by the industrial sector, refineries, power plants, water dams, civil defense, municipalities & cities. SPS is exclusive distributor of HÖRMANN siren warning systems in Qatar for the past years. In collaboration with HÖRMANN, we supply and install state-of-the-art siren warning systems for Qatar’s public and private sector. And although products and system are continually operated for monitoring, testing and potential activation, they are cost-efficient, requiring minimal maintenance.

One of our most important client relationships is with Qatar Fertilizer Company (QAFCO). SPS was responsible for the supply of HÖRMANN products to the company, which they installed throughout their plant. Our role comprised Engineering, Manufacture, Inspection, Supply, Supervision, Testing and Commissioning of equipment for QAFCO’s siren system upgrade and enhancement. While siren warning systems are suitable for all fields globally, in Qatar they are very relevant to the energy sector as the potential for risks and accidents is very high in oil & gas or power plants, both of which are abundant in Qatar. The supply of the siren system passed the requirements imposed by ictQatar (Supreme Council of Information & Communication Technology), supplies and works were in line with the applicable standards and other statutory regulations in Qatar.


JUTEC GMBH is a family owned German manufacturer of very light, smooth, comfortable and certified aluminized clothing. Through JUTEC SPS supplies custom-made aluminized PPE solutions to clients with requirements for heat exposed workplaces. JUTEC products are100% German made and all products are ISO 9001:2008 certified.  JUTEC is highly experienced worldwide in the Steelworks, Primary and secondary aluminum producing industries, Foundries, Glass manufacturers and Cement industries.